Richard G. Ciolli

Senior Vice President

Phone: 973-299-0300 x119

Mr. Ciolli is Senior Vice President of TKG and is responsible for developing and implementing profitability measurement solutions for financial institutions. He has over 30 years of controllership and operations experience and assists clients with the interpretation of profitability results and the profitability decision-making process. Mr. Ciolli has developed numerous client applications in funds transfer pricing and activity-based costing systems for several major profitability vendors.

As Senior Vice President in charge of Strategic Planning and Corporate Profitability at Trust Company Bank of New Jersey (now Capital One Financial Corporation), Mr. Ciolli was responsible for product profitability reporting, budgeting, and managerial accounting. He conducted numerous special profitability feasibility studies as well as monitored the on-going state of corporate profitability within the bank’s strategic business goals and objectives.

Mr. Ciolli was also a Principal Business Consultant for HNC Software Inc. where he was responsible for product implementation of HNC’s profitability analysis solutions. Prior to joining HNC, Mr. Ciolli was Senior Vice President of the management consulting services division of Hopper Soliday & Co. (now RBC Capital Markets). His previous banking positions include: Senior Vice President and Controller, Dime Savings Bank of New York (now JP Morgan Chase & Co.), Vice President and Controller, Bradford Trust Company (now Bank of New York Mellon Corporation), Vice President-Payment Services, First Fidelity Bank (now Wells Fargo & Company), and Vice President-Profit Improvement, First Fidelity Bank (now Wells Fargo & Company). He began his career with KPMG.

Mr. Ciolli is a Certified Public Accountant and has a BS in Finance from Fordham University and an MBA in Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Additionally, Mr. Ciolli is a popular speaker at national and regional banking conferences for the Bank Administration Institute and Association for Management Information in Financial Services.

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