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Commercial Real Estate or Business Lending: Which Is Better?

Me: Commercial Real Estate loans are the most profitable product in a community bank’s arsenal and have been through various interest rate environments. Bank Senior Lender: Not when you consider […]

Bankers: Just Do It!

“That’s all fine and good, but if your bank doesn’t do it or the reporting doesn’t get to the front line, how can we improve?” ~ Montana Bankers’ Association Executive […]

Things I Wish Bankers Did Better: Project Management

PPP urgency must be our norm. On September 17, 2021 in the Scottsdale, Arizona desert, I delivered a speech to a ballroom full of bankers titled: 5 Things I Wish […]

Four Leadership Lessons Learned from St. Paul’s Crusaders

Leadership is taking limited information and striking down a path with the commitment needed to succeed in the endeavor. It is motivating others to follow you into uncertainty, while maximizing […]

Jeff For Banks: Top Five Posts of 2021

January 17, 2022 | Jeff For Banks

By | Jeffrey P. Marsico

I don’t expect followers of my blog to read every post. And my blog page shows the top five posts of all time. In fact, the content in my book, Squared […]

Banking’s Top Five Total Return to Shareholders: 2021 Edition

For the past decade I searched for the Top 5 financial institutions in five-year total return to shareholders because I support long-term strategic decision making that may not benefit next […]

Row in the Same Direction: Branch Profitability in Action

//This article originally appeared in Chris Nichols from Southstate Bank Correspondent Bank Division recently wrote an excellent piece about branch profitability, a subject near and dear to my heart […]

Banks Should Avoid Rabbit Holes

*This post was originally published on on November 7, 2021* We have much work to do, little resources to get it done, and a short time to make it […]

Build Your Own Bankers

*This post originally appeared on on October 23, 2021* A colleague is working with a nearby college to develop a curriculum for a banking minor. They asked us to […]

Bank Customers Lose Real Money

*This post originally appeared in on October 7, 2021* You worked hard, saved money, and reduced or eliminated debt. You’ve been conservative, preferring the stability and security of bank […]