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Bankers: Hunker or Pounce?

Unprecedented times. How many of our borrowers on forbearance can begin making payments? What provision do we make this quarter? How do we justify it? What will our constituencies think when we have to foreclose on borrowers? For most of us, the onset of a recession means a time to assess the risk on our […]

Bankers: Who Has These Three Drivers of Value?

Two years ago bank stock analysts from investment banking firm Boenning & Scattergood identified three attributes in a financial institution that investors should look for. I wrote a blog post on it that is currently my third most read post of all time. The three attributes were: Superior Growth Prospects Excess Capital Strong Deposit Franchises I can […]

Money Is Math. And Math Is Color Blind

Typical conversation at my house: Me: How much was on the credit card?!?! Wife: Well, it’s because of [reason 1], [reason 2], and [reason 3]. Me: Our checking account doesn’t care about the reasons. We pay the amount on the credit card, and it comes out of the checking account. Simple math. This conversation is […]

The Federal Reserve’s Main Street Lending Program: Manna From Heaven for Community Banks?

“How much more abuse can small businesses take from big banks?” ~ Community Bank CEO PPP is winding down. Community banks not only took care of their small to medium sized businesses (SMEs), but also helped big bank customers when their calls went unanswered. Why? Because the big banks prioritized. It was a first come, […]

Banks On Sale

My bank stock portfolio was comfortably in the black, with a solid 2.5% dividend yield at year-end. My have times changed. Before I begin, I feel compelled to disclose that I am not a registered broker or financial advisor. I am not giving you investment advice. At December 31, 2019, the SNL Bank & Thrift […]

Bank Cash Forecasting: Pandemic Edition

My friends at CFO Consulting Partners most recent newsletter included timely and helpful tips on re-forecasting your cash, which is suddenly incredibly important, particularly in financial institutions that entered the pandemic with relatively lower amounts of liquidity.   Cash Forecasting by Rob Milrod, Director, CFO Consulting Partners ( Cash forecasting, always important, becomes even more […]

PNC Cares Far More About the Penguins Than the Flyers

Reporters occasionally call for my opinion. And I have them. Oh I have them. Last week an American Banker reporter called for my opinion on WSFS Bank’s strategy to deploy much of the cost savings from its recent Beneficial Bank merger into technology. Read the resulting article here.  The reporter e-mailed his questions. And I […]

Conference Watch: How To Be Successful In a Changing Industry

How many consultants go to banking conferences and attend the sessions? At least one! I may have been accused of being arrogant once or twice, which inspires me to continuously elevate my abilities so the perception of arrogance is seen for what it is; confidence. And the only ones accusing me of arrogance are those […]

Not a Session at Acquire or Be Acquired: Culture

I attended Bank Director’s Acquire or Be Acquired conference two weeks ago. The buzzword of the show: Culture. When Raphael Reznek, CIO of Mascoma Bank, spoke about the biggest challenge to launch online account opening: “our internal culture”. When Mike Butler, CEO of Radius Bank, spoke of technology experimentation and implementation: “you have to change […]

Bank Director’s Acquire or Be Acquired Conference: Top Tweets

I attended my first Acquire or Be Acquired conference in the Arizona desert. Bank Director does a great job on organization, content, and promotion. They established the #aoba20 hashtag that had plenty of activity on Twitter and LinkedIn. Below are the top tweets, as judged by me. Because it’s my blog. 🙂  Also, putting myself […]