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Excess Liquidity, Low Rates, and Branching. My Answers to Jeff Davis’ Questions

**This video blog was originally posted on on May 13, 2021.** S&P Global Market Intelligence Principal Analyst Nathan Stovall recently interviewed Mercer Capital’s Jeff Davis on the Street Talk podcast regarding the thorny banking issues […]

Fintech’ers Will Be Right on Branching. Unless Bankers Act.

May 31, 2017 | Jeff For Banks

Are branches dead? The conventional wisdom from the shouters would be yes. Look at transaction counts. Look at the decline in branches since 2009. Look at the surveys. I read […]

Evolution of Banking: Three Slam Dunk Predictions

October 9, 2016 | Jeff For Banks

The sheer number of strategic initiatives and technologies in the banking industry makes it very difficult to predict outcomes with any certainty. Not that me or other industry pundits don’t […]

Breaking Branch Mediocrity

February 21, 2015 | Jeff For Banks

Another day, another convoluted organizational structure that includes “small business bankers” that are dispersed into the branch network to shore up branch capabilities. If not small business bankers, it’s “cash […]

Infographic: How Much Revenue Do Your Bank Branches Generate?

March 25, 2014 | Jeff For Banks

Much has been said about the challenge in making branches profitable. But what has been measured? The below graphic, taken from my employer’s database of hundreds of branches, highlights how […]

Five Ideas on How to Consolidate a Bank Branch

December 15, 2013 | Jeff For Banks

Fellow blogger Jim Marous asked me what I thought were hot stove issues for banking in 2014. Top of my list, branch consolidation. During the second quarter 2013, bank branches […]

To Branch or Not To Branch: Here Is The Answer

June 30, 2013 | Jeff For Banks

During periods of uncertainty lies opportunity. Vernon Hill, legendary leader of the former Commerce Bank in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, took advantage of the last time bankers were contemplating the […]

The Case for the Big Branch

November 3, 2012 | Jeff For Banks

I had a very interesting conversation with a bank client today. He called me to discuss, among other things, his bank’s expansion strategy. During the discussion, I mentioned that I […]

The Elephant in the Room: Branches

October 14, 2011 | Jeff For Banks

In keeping up with industry reading it is clear to me that we, as an industry, are perplexed at what to do about branching. The recently released FDIC Summary of […]

Banking: Data hungry and decision challenged?

March 24, 2011 | Jeff For Banks

I had lunch today with a client’s regional manager. We discussed many things, but one thing he told me stuck… they used average balances to determine their highest priority customers. […]