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PNC Cares Far More About the Penguins Than the Flyers

Reporters occasionally call for my opinion. And I have them. Oh I have them. Last week an American Banker reporter called for my opinion on WSFS Bank’s strategy to deploy […]

Bankers: Don’t Buy the Hype. Let Fintech Equity Investors Bear the Cost of Experimentation.

When JPMorgan Chase released its 2016 annual report, in which the celluloid CEO Jamie Dimon proudly acknowledged spending nearly $10 billion on technology, the talking heads erupted. Ten billion! Must […]

FinTech and Community Banking: Built for Marriage?

May 7, 2016 | Jeff For Banks

Recent news of Prosper scaling back and OnDeck Capital’s ongoing losses has taken a little shine off of the FinTech apple. Doesn’t this happen with every meteoric rise? Recently a […]