disruptive technology

FinTech and Community Banking: Built for Marriage?

May 7, 2016 | Jeff For Banks

Recent news of Prosper scaling back and OnDeck Capital’s ongoing losses has taken a little shine off of the FinTech apple. Doesn’t this happen with every meteoric rise? Recently a […]

Where are The FinTech Darlings Now?

December 12, 2015 | Jeff For Banks

FinTech, FinTech, FinTech! That’s all I’m hearing. We must be moments away from downloading a gamified banking app via our Google Glass, paying in Bitcoins using Apple Pay! It’s like […]

Disruptive technology will not kill banks

October 4, 2014 | Jeff For Banks

So said John Authers in a recent Financial Times article. And I believe him. Bankers have been killing banks for decades. We do it by dismissing change. We do it […]