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Bankers: Five Ways to Use Profitability Data to Move You Forward

September 10, 2017 | Jeff For Banks

Accountability is a dirty word. It evokes images of finger wagging, stern looks, and sheepish floor staring. I’m sure at one point of the word’s evolution it wasn’t this way. […]

Cultural Conversation in Banking

May 1, 2017 | Jeff For Banks

Are your incentives consistent with your strategy and culture? I was recently interviewed by the Financial Managers Society on this topic, and as a lead-up to my presentation on the […]

Five Ideas to Build an Accountability Culture at Your Bank

June 14, 2015 | Jeff For Banks

I recently spoke at the ABA CFO Exchange in Nashville on building an accountability culture. Talking banker accountability to a room full of CFOs is like a politician telling senior […]

Bankers: Think about what gets measured.

May 9, 2015 | Jeff For Banks

“What gets measured, gets managed.” Why did we need Peter Drucker to point this out? Educators are forever carping about standardized tests because they are spending a lot of time […]