Profit & Process Improvement

Things I Wish Bankers Did Better: Project Management

PPP urgency must be our norm. On September 17, 2021 in the Scottsdale, Arizona desert, I delivered a speech to a ballroom full of bankers titled: 5 Things I Wish […]

How Can Community Financial Institutions Improve? Project Management

In this video blog, I discuss my thoughts on community financial institutions upping their project management game. In summary: There are two types of projects: support function projects where you […]

Create Operating Discipline at Your Bank

Bankers have made great strides in developing the strategies to succeed over the long-term, analyzing the customers that most value their strategic direction, and gaining the buy-in from their Boards […]

Unintended Consequences of Executive Change in Control Provisions

You’re a top performer at your bank and an executive from a competing bank wants you on their team. You recently got a new boss, and it isn’t gelling. So […]

Financial Institutions: What Drives Value v2

In a follow up to my last post on the subject, that was driven by my friends from Performance Trust, I was asked in the comments section of that post […]

Bank Innovation: Three Ideas

I usually take more time researching blog posts than writing them. Today is an exception. Rather than searching reputable sources for how this bank or that bank innovates, I thought […]