Shark Tank

I Want to Draw a Cat For You: Bankers Edition

April 12, 2014 | Jeff For Banks

I have two TV guilty pleasures that my wife endures: Spike TV’s Bar Rescue and ABC’s Shark Tank. On Shark Tank, this interesting fellow, Steve, pitched for $10,000 from the […]

Three ways banks can support innovation in their markets.

February 2, 2013 | Jeff For Banks

Why did Willie Sutton, famous bank robber from the 1920’s to 1950’s, rob banks? “Because that’s where the money is.” Sutton, by the way, denied the quote. But we can’t […]

Shark Tank: Bankers’ Edition

November 24, 2012 | Jeff For Banks

Reality shows are generally not my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m often subjected to the genre because I submit to family preferences. How else would I know that Emmitt […]