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What is Performance Measurement?


What you get.

Profitability Reporting for Products, Branches and More

We customize reporting structures based upon business units within an organization and for products offered.

Funds Transfer Pricing

We evaluate every customer record and GL account to determine their true value compared to the market, which ultimately gives a clear picture of each account and product’s contribution to ROA.

Cost Assignment to Your Profit Centers and Products

We perform in-depth cost studies to determine how to allocate expenses from all areas of your bank to your profit producers.

Personalized, Web-Based Portal

Unlimited user access to company data at any time through your dashboard on our customer portal.

Capital Assignment and Risk-Adjusted Return on Capital

We assign capital to each of your profit producers based on risk to determine a Risk-Adjusted return for each unit.

Exclusive Peer Comparability

One result of our model is that we maintain proprietary peer information that you cannot find anywhere else.

Insightful Analysis

We review results with your team and provide insights into market trends and improvements that can be implemented immediately. Over time, you can track the results of your efforts.

Support for Customer Profitability Systems

Most customer/relationship profitability systems require spread, fee income, and cost data at the customer level. We provide data feeds so your systems reflect your institution’s actual performance.

Minimal Team Involvement

We interact with a limited number of your employees and keep the burden on us.

Frequently asked questions

The time involvement from your team is minimal. We work with your finance team and interview management to build the performance measurement model. You have not investment in software or infrastructure. Your team can be used to analyze and act on the data.
The cost of our outsourced Performance Measurement services is a fraction of the cost of an in-house cost accounting department. With a modest quarterly fee, it’s like having a profitability consultant or in-house management accountant at your disposal.
While our product is exceptional—and will forever alter the way you view growth—it’s our partnership and expertise that set us apart. We’ve been partnering with banks for more than 30 years, offering valuable insights and analysis to help our clients make more informed decisions and achieve their overall strategic objectives and vision.

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