Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Bank strategic planning: powerful insight for your long-term future

Developing a strategic roadmap to results

Whether through a one-day strategy retreat or full-scale plan development, our time-tested approach allows great ideas to surface and new solutions to germinate.

We assess your current situation and help you identify the strategic objectives critical to your success. We uncover the goals and tasks necessary to hone and implement your strategy, then develop financial projections based on the objectives.

You can add services or request them on a stand-alone basis.


Capital planning: Through interviews, we identify overall strategy with an emphasis on growth plans, balance sheet risk appetite, desired capital levels and potential sources of capital. We develop the written portion of capital plans and often identify and prioritize capital enhancement alternatives for senior management and boards of directors.

Strategic alternatives analysis/360 degree review: We will work with you to develop an economic value on individual strategies, identify strategic value gaps that must be bridged, and determine what you can reasonably pay or reasonably receive in a merger or acquisition transaction.

Financial projections associated with these plans include:

A base case that demonstrates financial condition and performance that senior management is reasonably comfortable in achieving,

A stretch case that demonstrates the financial condition and performance that senior management believes will result from successful execution of the plan,

A stress case for the capital plan that demonstrates the financial condition and performance should certain negative events identified by senior management occur,

And at least two scenarios in the capital plan documenting the impact of capital enhancement for each of the remediation strategies.


Strategic planning deliverables:

  • Front-end interviews that avoid groupthink and retreats that help to quickly get to the heart of your strategy.
  • Retreat workbook/analytics that include peer data.
  • Facilitation of off-site retreat.
  • Drafting of the strategic plan based on inputs from interviews and retreat results.
  • Development of goals and initiatives needed to execute strategy.
  • Financial projections that translate initiatives into financial results.
  • A completed capital plan.
  • A balanced strategic alternatives analysis.

Our approach in a snapshot:

  • A process that fosters rigorous debate. Planning retreats often provide a forum to exchange and debate ideas. Our expert facilitators ensure effective communication.
  • Planning that gets done on time. You’ll receive a strategic and/or capital plan by agreed-upon completion dates.
  • Strategy linked to execution. We bring the process from 10,000 feet to the ground level. Managers are given a road map with actionable tasks to accomplish organizational objectives.

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