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Failure is OK

On Friday, April 26, 2024, the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities (the “PA Department”) took possession of Republic First Bancorp, Inc. unit Republic First Bank (“Republic”) due to Republic’s […]

Insights from the American Bankers’ Association Conference for Community Bankers

San Antonio sun, buzzing conversations, and a room full of bankers hungry for boardroom transformation. That’s where I found myself, tackling a topic close to my heart, Turning the Board […]

Navigating the Shifting Tides: Unraveling the Dynamics of Higher for Longer Rates and Profitability Trends in Community Banks

In the dynamic world of community banking, bank leaders find themselves at the helm of an industry experiencing pronounced shifts in profitability trends. As we await comprehensive Q4 peer data, […]

Banking On: The Inflection Points

Using the Rearview Mirror to Drive Forward The shot heard ‘round the world is a reference to the homerun hit by Bobby Thomson of the Brooklyn Dodgers to win the […]

Update: How has the Fed’s battle against inflation impacted bank product profitability?

At the end of the 3rd quarter of 2022, we provided analysis of how banks were impacted by the Fed increasing the Fed Funds rate from 25 basis points to […]

Build a Moat Around Your Balance Sheet

U.S. economic growth slowed in the first quarter to 1.1% after having notched 2.6% growth in the fourth quarter of 2022. Many economists expect the economy to slow even more […]

How has the Fed’s battle against inflation impacted bank profitability?

The Federal Reserve began its battle against inflation with a 25 basis point warning shot in the first quarter of 2022. By year-end the Fed increased rates six more times, […]

Strategic Alignment: Accountabilities

Accountability gets a bad rap. You can see people wince and hear the hushed tones when speaking about it. It’s not comfortable being “accountable” for a metric, a deadline, or […]

And Just Like That…

Since March of 2020, the near zero interest rate environment was a constant for bankers. For nearly twelve quarters running, the Federal Open Market Committee (“FOMC”) kept the target federal […]

How Will Higher Interest Rates Impact Loan & Deposit Product Profitability?

We have already started to see interest rates trending upwards in 2022, but how will these higher rates impact the profitability of your loan and deposit products? Will you have […]