TKG Perspectives

How has the Fed’s battle against inflation impacted bank profitability?

The Federal Reserve began its battle against inflation with a 25 basis point warning shot in the first quarter of 2022. By year-end the Fed increased rates six more times, […]

Strategic Alignment: Accountabilities

Accountability gets a bad rap. You can see people wince and hear the hushed tones when speaking about it. It’s not comfortable being “accountable” for a metric, a deadline, or […]

And Just Like That…

Since March of 2020, the near zero interest rate environment was a constant for bankers. For nearly twelve quarters running, the Federal Open Market Committee (“FOMC”) kept the target federal […]

How Will Higher Interest Rates Impact Loan & Deposit Product Profitability?

We have already started to see interest rates trending upwards in 2022, but how will these higher rates impact the profitability of your loan and deposit products? Will you have […]

The Talent and Customer Portal in the New Year

The Tradition that was New Year’s Day College Football New Year’s Day was (and still is) one of my favorite days – besides the pork and sauerkraut, New Year’s Day […]

Rest in Peace Purple Pen

Robert “Bob” Earl Prothero passed away peacefully in his sleep at his home in Bluffton, South Carolina on January 9th, 2021. He was 87 years old. Bob attended Beaumont High […]

Mortgage Lenders Experienced Record Profits – Could They Have Done Better?

During the pandemic, TKG worked with several clients on process improvement engagements where the scope of the project was focused on residential lending. Like many financial institutions who originate residential […]

Branch vs. Lending Organizations: Which Organization Won the 2020 Profitability Battle?

Community financial institutions came off of a strong year in 2019 and entered 2020 a little apprehensive. The economy was slowing, the Fed started lowering interest rates and there was […]

Conscious Banking

I was once that guy who pulled into a Whole Foods Market parking lot, parked next to a Prius, revved my Camaro, and smiled. I hope I evolved since then. […]

Bank M&A – Show Me the Money

Deep down I’m a bit of a softie. And nostalgic. So, if my wife and I are watching TV on a Saturday night and I happen to come across “Jerry […]