Performance Insight

Performance Insight: Big insight for smaller institutions

Performance Insight is a performance management system that helps financial institutions with less than $500 million in assets make smarter, more confident decisions that drive profitability. (Over $500 million? Check out our core performance measurement offering.)

We’ve distilled our 30 years of knowledge and best practices working with larger institutions into Performance Insight. Now you can harness the power of your financial data to improve your operation and bottom line. Download a product overview sheet (PDF).

Uncover the secrets to better performance

We turn your financial data into incredibly valuable management information – both point-in-time and trends. Our senior-level consultants will review reports with you to provide helpful guidance.

Use Performance Insight to:

  • Initiate and validate strategies
  • Learn which branches and products are most (or least) profitable
  • Promote an accountability culture
  • Provide actionable information to your executive team and board

Major benefits with a minimal investment

Our team handles set up, crunches your numbers and generates reports with minimal involvement from your staff – and no investment in software or infrastructure. You simply analyze and act. Download an infographic that shows the process (PDF).

Performance Insight is perfect for your modest budget. It’s $10,000 a year with a nominal one-time start-up expense. It’s like having a profitability consultant at your disposal for less than $1,000 a month.

Contact us to schedule a 15-minute webinar about increasing profitability at your institution through performance management analysis.