Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement

Financial institution and bank profitability starts with performance measurement

We highlight which lines of business, products and customers improve your bottom line

Our performance measurement service is designed to be responsive to your needs for profitability reporting, growing an accountability culture, feeding customer/relationship profitability systems and improving net income.

A la carte services. You may purchase components of our services based on your needs. For example, we can provide funds transfer pricing (FTP) data feeds, cost assignment consulting or perform profitability system audits.

Performance Measurement Services

  • Customized service and measurement. We customize reporting structures based upon business units within an organization and for products offered.
  • Industry best practices. From funds transfer pricing to cost assignment, we provide you with a best-practice performance measurement system. We balance complexity and end-user understanding without a black box.
  • Exclusive peer comparability. We perform this service for numerous community financial institutions, and possess granular profitability data at the business line and product level. This information is not available anywhere else.
  • Insightful analysis. We review results with your team and provide insights into improvements which can be implemented immediately.
  • Support for customer profitability systems. Most customer/relationship profitability systems require spread, fee income, and cost data at the customer level. We provide data feeds so your systems reflect your institution’s actual experience — not an esoteric, dated or generic industry standard.
  • Minimal team involvement. Cost assignment, funds transfer pricing and data feed coordination are a few of the major tasks required to complete your profitability reporting projects. We interact with a limited number of your employees, and keep the burden on us.

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Gregg’s primary focus at The Kafafian Group is leading our Performance Measurement services. His team of financial professionals provides organizational and product profitability information so our Performance Measurement clients can […]

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