Management Advisory

What’s On Your Mind? You Asked & We Answered!

By: Sharon J. Lorman
Robert E. Kafafian
Jeffrey P. Marsico
Richard B. Trauger, Jr.
Matthew P. Prosseda
Jill A. Pursell

Podcast Show Notes:

Our This Month In Banking (TMIB) podcast features discussion with colleagues and other industry thought leaders on interesting banking news that happened this month. TMIB will be available on the last Wednesday of every month here, and on Apple and Droid podcast apps for your listening enjoyment. Join us on your commute, at your desk or at home.

Topic: What’s On Your Mind? You Asked & We Answered!
Start time: 1:36

For the first time, The Kafafian Group podcast team will answer your questions! We asked for listener questions and we got them! From questions related to how community banks can compete with the “big” banks to specifics regarding the most effective way to build a C&I team. Listen to what’s on bankers’ minds!!
Questions include:

    1. What’s the difference between a profitable and a valuable bank? (1:42)
    2. How do we position ourselves for a recession? (3:31)
    3. What is the right balance of goals without diluting other goals? (5:51)
    4. What is the most effective way to recruit or find talent for a community bank? (10:00)
    5. Have banks seen a noticeable decline in branch transactions? (10:57)
    6. Any ideas for increasing checking and savings accounts in the coming year? (12:44)
    7. What is the best way to start a C&I portfolio? (15:51)
    8. How do you minimize risk in C&I lending? (17:59)
    9. Should a bank use the loan to one borrower rule or set internal limits on how much to lend a borrower? (19:35)
    10. What’s the difference in bank workouts today versus 2007-08? (20:17)
    11. How does a community bank balance risk management and partnering with a fintech? (20:55)
    12. Is there a rule of thumb in investing in technology? (24:45)
    13. Who are some of the core processor consultants used by the industry today? (28:17)
    14. How do you make a bank’s call center more effective? (29:04)
    15. What are our thoughts on declining liquidity? (31:26)
    16. How do you beat the big banks? (33:30)
    17. What are the keys for community banks to remain competitive? (35:38)

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Watch for episode 39 of This Month in Banking to be released on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 and a new episode on the last Wednesday of every month.

Thank you for listening!

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