How FinTech is Innovating Credit and Products for the Next Generation of Borrowers

By: Sharon J. Lorman
Robert E. Kafafian

Guest: David Kafafian, Chief Operating Officer of Stride Funding, Inc.

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Topic: How FinTech is Innovating Credit and Products for the Next Generation of Borrowers

Stride Funding is a venture-backed, mission-driven fintech company that offers access to outcomes-driven education financing products. Their mission is to create credit access for individuals pursuing high-outcome careers through higher education, certifications, upskilling programs, and trainings, using proprietary underwriting models that rely on future cash flows and ability to repay once employed. Stride Funding’s Income Share Loans do not require any payments while the borrower is in school, and borrowers don’t start making any payments until they earn above a minimum income threshold. Payments thereafter are based on a fixed percentage of income, such that borrowers pay less when they make less, and borrowers also benefit from a maximum payment cap to protect them when they earn more. Stride Funding has partnered with banks to reach more students, increase compliance rigor, and launch innovative products that increase access to affordable, flexible, and personalized funding options across degree and non-degree education. How can Stride Funding partner with your bank? Listen and enjoy!


David Kafafian
Chief Operating Officer
Stride Funding, Inc.

David has a diverse background across finance, technology, and law. His entry point into fintech began while at Harvard Law School, where he saw firsthand the challenges with the private student loan market (and generally the cost of education), causing him to jump into the ISL space during its infancy (2015), advising university Presidents and CFOs who were exploring innovative funding models to support students.

Prior to law school, David worked at IBM as a member of their Watson Analytics Group, where he worked with large banks and insurance companies designing and deploying AI solutions to support the use of alternative data and advanced analytics across lines of business. David also spent a number of years as an investment banker in JPMorgan’s M&A group, supporting Fortune 500 companies across a host of strategic transactions.

At Stride, David leads all sales and B2B partnerships, while managing all capital markets processes, and supporting the product and regulatory functions of the business. He loves building teams, mentoring young talent, his family and friends, golf, and Rutgers basketball (not in that order!).

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