TMIB Lite: Balancing Digital and Physical

By: Sharon J. Lorman
Jeffrey P. Marsico
Gregg J. Wagner

Podcast Show Notes:

Our This Month In Banking (TMIB) podcast features discussion with colleagues and other industry thought leaders on interesting banking news that happened this month. TMIB will be available on the last Wednesday of every month here, and on Apple and Droid podcast apps for your listening enjoyment. Join us on your commute or at your desk.

Topic: Balancing Digital and Physical
B of A CEO Bryan Moynihan said in their most recent earnings call that they “still see value in the physical presence.” In February, BofA announced they will open 500 new branches, and they are currently in the process of renovating 1,500 more. According to Moynihan, 850,000 customers visit their branches each day.  Is BofA wrong? What’s the future of branching at your bank?

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