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TMIB Lite: Community Bank Profitability

By: Sharon J. Lorman
Jeffrey P. Marsico
Gregg J. Wagner

Podcast Show Notes:

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Topic: Community Bank Profitability!
Bank Director Magazine recently published their “Profitability Issue.” Features included an article on the recent tax gift, commercial real estate, and technology, in this case moving to a cloud-based core. But one feature struck us as exclusionary: “The Most Profitable of the Big Banks”. Well, what about small banks, or smaller banks? Because the Bank Director article focused on JPMorgan to US Bancorp, i.e. $2.5T to a $462 billion in assets banks. By the way, it was not lost on us that the smallest of the mega-banks, US Bancorp, is the most profitable.
But what about community banks? There are plenty of examples of community banks that beat U.S. Bancorp’s 1.39% on assets and 13.80% ROE. Our panelists Jeff Marsico and Gregg Wagner have some ideas about how high performing community banks can stay at the top, and how others can get there.

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