Data Cleansing & Data Governance: What the heck does that mean?

By: Sharon J. Lorman
Jeffrey P. Marsico

Guest: Kim Snyder, Founder and CEO of KlariVis

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Topic: Data Cleansing & Data Governance: What the heck does that mean?
Insights from Kim Snyder, Founder and CEO of KlariVis

Is your financial institution able to leverage high-value data into actionable information to drive decision making, cross-selling and better servicing of customers? Or do you experience fragmented financial and customer information with an antiquated core and siloed ancillary systems leading to lack of consistency in data, labor intensive report writing, and lack of report integrity? How can you fix this? Kim Snyder shares her insights on best practices for data cleansing and data governance to ensure confidence in the quality and accessibility of information. Get tips on how to transform the mountains of data at your financial institution into meaningful actionable insights. Listen and enjoy!

Kim Snyder
Executive Biography

Kim Snyder is the founder and CEO of Roanoke, Virginia-based KlariVis, a unique and proprietary data analytics solution designed by bankers for bankers. KlariVis allows financial institutions to quickly aggregate and visualize their previously siloed and disparate data in one place with unparalleled ease for data-driven decision making. KlariVis enables organizations to create contextual customer intelligence that can be deployed across the organization and leveraged for consistent multichannel experiences to generate sales, increase loyalty, and reduce operating expenses.

Snyder is a results-oriented strategic problem solver which is showcased by her development of the industry’s first data analytics solution with the purpose of helping financial institution executives make effective and efficient decisions. Her career has focused on being a hands-on leader who serves as a positive change agent for internal and external communications networks.

Snyder is also founder and president of KBS Results LLC, a provider of management consulting services to the financial institution industry. Additionally, she was EVP and CFO of Valley Financial Corporation/Valley Bank, a $900m publicly traded bank in Roanoke, Virginia for 10 years. She was instrumental in the success of the Bank which led to the acquisition by BNC Bancorp at a 173% premium to tangible book value in June 2015.

Snyder serves as the CFO Forum Facilitator at the Tennessee Bankers Association and is a notable speaker and has spoken at many industry conferences such as Bank Director’s Acquired or Be Acquired Conference, VBA Connect, VBA CFO Conference, NCBA Bank Director’s Assembly, and the Best Bank Expo.

Snyder earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting from James Madison University. She continued her education at University of Pennsylvania with the American Bankers Association (ABA) Stonier Graduate Wharton School Leadership program and ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

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