Banking Shorts

The Kafafian Group (TKG) is dedicated to helping your financial institution build strategies and perform better for a successful long-term future. To add value to our collective relationship in these unprecedented times, our team is developing short five minute videos. We call them Banking Shorts. These videos will be on very specific topics for you and your colleagues to use, share, and keep everyone focused and motivated during this unusual time. We hope they will help you better emerge from this crisis.


2020 Mortgage Product Profitability Review

Gregg Wagner shows how the high volume of mortgage originations in 2020 has impacted the profitability of mortgage products.

Leveraging Lessons Learned from Covid-19

There is a lot to learn from the challenges you’ve faced during the pandemic. Jill Pursell looks at how Covid-19 has impacted your workforce and perhaps uncovered inefficient processes.

Strategy Management- Has the environment changed since you developed your strategy?

In this Banking Short, Jeff Marsico describes the Flawless Execution process to continuously improve your institution’s strategic planning abilities.


Commercial Lending – Predicting Borrower Distress

In this Banking Short, Matt Prosseda provides examples of data to use to predict borrower distress while payments are deferred.



Investing Wisely –  A Spiritual Message During Uncertain Times

Bob Kafafian shares his heartfelt reflections about what is most important.


A Day in the Life of PPP

In this humorous skit, Jeff Marsico (and family) demonstrate the chaos that ensued when the SBA launched the Payment Protection Program.




What Does Your COVID-19 Branch Model Look Like?

In this Banking Short, Jill Pursell reflects on the changes made to branches during the pandemic, and how we can adapt afterward.


2019 Residential Loan Performance Recap

In this episode, Gregg Wagner reviews the performance of the residential lending line of business, and contrasts the profitability of portfolio lending, secondary market, and servicing products.



3 Things Banks Should Do Now

Matt Prosseda shares what he learned from bankers about how to effectively deal with loan modification and forbearance requests. Read more on Matt’s insights in a TKG Perspectives Special Edition



Crisis Is Not New to Bankers

Bob Kafafian gives us perspective on how we experienced and emerged from past crises.


Why This Customer, and Not That One?

In our inakugural Banking Short, Jeff Marsico explains why banks focus on certain customer segments over others.