William A. Ball Vice President & CTO

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Will has been with TKG since 2014 and is focused primarily on the performance measurement line of business. He is responsible for implementing customized profitability models. He handles the development and implementation of internal profitability measurement solutions used to generate our performance measurement reports. In addition, Will is responsible for TKG’s network and the advancement of its components in the future. You may also find him producing our podcast, This Month in Banking.

Before Will joined TKG he received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Accounting at Caldwell University. He also played on Caldwell’s soccer team. He has attended the AMIFS Institute and the FMS Forum. Will has gained valuable knowledge and insights into bank profitability and the industry by working closely with bank innovators and leaders.

In his spare time, Will has been learning computer programming and enjoys playing the guitar, fishing or anything outdoors.