Financial Advisory

Our job is to help you jump over transaction hurdles – before, during and even after the deal is closed.

Financial Institutions use mergers and acquisitions to achieve scale and enter new geographies and lines of business faster than they could by building these businesses organically. This can be a successful strategy but only if institutions plan ahead for the transaction hurdles they will face not just before, but also after the deal is closed.

With decades of experience executing on whole institution sales and acquisitions as well as branch and fee-based line of business transactions, we bring a 360 degree perspective to our financial advisory engagements.

We advise on the following types of transactions:

  • Whole institution M&A. We provide significant insight to senior managers considering the effect of a transaction on numerous stakeholders: shareholders, customers, employees, local communities, and regulators. Achieving scale or becoming part of a larger institution can benefit all stakeholder groups if the financial institution can operate more efficiently, offer more competitive products and services, serve a larger geography, and increase their capital base.
  • Evaluation of strategic alternatives. During these engagements, we review objective reasons to buy, sell, or do nothing without regard to a specific transaction. We discuss case studies where acquisitions have led to improved shareholder value, and where the transaction may have eroded shareholder value. We bring realistic analysis, showing the impact of both acquiring and being acquired. This 360 degree perspective gives depth to the decision-making process.
  • Fee-based business purchase or sale. Community financial institutions have demonstrated mixed success with acquiring fee-based lines of business. We know how to evaluate these types of opportunities and provide valuable expertise because we are familiar with their performance, having measured profitability on behalf of our clients.
  • Branch purchase or sale. The decision to buy or sell a branch has numerous financial and strategic implications. We assist by modeling the financial implications and/or finding appropriate buyers and sellers that can address an institution’s strategic goals.
  • Fairness opinions. Boards of Directors seek expertise to put their name on the line with them when engaging in an acquisition or sale. We do so in the form of a fairness opinion that evaluates the transaction from a financial point of view.

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