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Graduating from Data Analytics to Data Utilization

Guest: Steven M. Fusco, EVP Chief Financial Officer, Spencer Savings Bank Listen on Spotify Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Google Podcasts Podcast Show Notes: Our This Month In Banking […]

Navigating the Shifting Tides: Unraveling the Dynamics of Higher for Longer Rates and Profitability Trends in Community Banks

In the dynamic world of community banking, bank leaders find themselves at the helm of an industry experiencing pronounced shifts in profitability trends. As we await comprehensive Q4 peer data, […]

Update: How has the Fed’s battle against inflation impacted bank product profitability?

At the end of the 3rd quarter of 2022, we provided analysis of how banks were impacted by the Fed increasing the Fed Funds rate from 25 basis points to […]

How has the Fed’s battle against inflation impacted bank profitability?

The Federal Reserve began its battle against inflation with a 25 basis point warning shot in the first quarter of 2022. By year-end the Fed increased rates six more times, […]

How Will Higher Interest Rates Impact Loan & Deposit Product Profitability?

We have already started to see interest rates trending upwards in 2022, but how will these higher rates impact the profitability of your loan and deposit products? Will you have […]

Branch vs. Lending Organizations: Which Organization Won the 2020 Profitability Battle?

Community financial institutions came off of a strong year in 2019 and entered 2020 a little apprehensive. The economy was slowing, the Fed started lowering interest rates and there was […]

Are Your Management Reports Just An Illusion?

Many financial institutions produce management reports using data only from their general ledger systems. An example is producing branch profitability reports limited to data from the branch’s cost center. Limiting the […]

Banking Profitability Roundup

End of year brings banking industry summaries. Some are very good, such as this one written by Jeff Davis of Mercer Capital (Mercer). In his summary, you’ll find charts and […]

Right-Sizing Your Branch Network? How One Community Banker Made the Tough Decisions

April 23, 2019 | Performance Measurement, Podcast

Guest: Jerry Champi, President and CEO, FNCB Bank Podcast Show Notes: Our This Month In Banking (TMIB) podcast features discussion with colleagues and other industry thought leaders on interesting banking […]

How Is That New Year Self-Improvement Program Going?

The start of each New Year is a good time for new beginnings.  That’s when many of us start self-improvement programs.  How is that self-improvement program going so far this […]