Crisis Management / Banking’s Top 5 in Total Return to Shareholders / Bitcoin Mania

By: Sharon J. Lorman
Jeffrey P. Marsico
Richard B. Trauger, Jr.

Guest: Hart S. Brown, Executive Vice President and COO of Firestorm

Podcast Show Notes:

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Topic 1: Crisis Management: When your Reputation is at Stake
Start time 2:17
A damaged reputation can cost an organization in terms of lower share price, decreased brand value, lost revenue and customers, and increased operating or regulatory costs. It’s important to have a crisis management plan in place before something happens so that management can best respond and protect shareholder interests. Our podcast guest for this topic is Hart S. Brown, Executive Vice President and COO of Firestorm (a Novume Company), a nationally recognized brand in preparedness and crisis management. Firestorm is well known for its contributions in handling some of this nation’s worst crises, as well as providing thought leadership in the prevention of catastrophic events. The Company was created based on the concept that almost all threats and vulnerabilities can be identified, and therefore, either mitigated or eliminated. Its products and services assist senior leadership in the assessment, evaluation and control of strategic risk. As COO, Mr. Brown leads the development, acquisition and growth of key practices and people. Additionally, he manages the acquisition and integration strategy and directs the planning and budgeting process for all of the Firestorm companies and acquisitions. Is your Bank prepared for a crisis?
Carson Block is Short Bank of The Ozarks
BofI Stock Spikes After Addressing Auditor Lawsuit

Topic 2: Banking’s Top 5 in Total Return to Shareholders: 2017 Edition
Start time 22:49
For the past six years, our own Jeff Marsico searched for the Top 5 financial institutions in five-year total return to shareholders. He chose five years because banks that focus on year-over-year returns are more likely to cut strategic investments come budget time (which hurts their market position, earnings power, and future relevance) than those that make those investments. Total return includes two components: capital appreciation and dividends. Listen to hear which banks made the cut.

Topic 3: Bitcoin Mania
Start time 31:29
Bitcoin futures surged as much as 26% in their debut session on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) on December 11th. Trading was halted twice temporarily to calm the market. Proponents of regulated Bitcoin derivatives say the contracts will increase market transparency and boost liquidity, but skeptics are abundant. JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon remains “highly skeptical.” The new futures contracts should attract more attention from regulators which could increase interest from institutional investors. The price of Bitcoin has risen sharply in recent months. According to Coinbase, an online platform for buying, selling, transferring and storing digital currency, the U.S. dollar price of one Bitcoin was $970.17 on December 31, 2016. On September 1, 2017 it was $4,764.56 and on December 12, 2017 it was over $17,000. Will Bitcoin and/or other crypto currencies disrupt the banking industry? What does it mean for your bank?

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