What should be in your deposit strategy?

By: Sharon J. Lorman
Jeffrey P. Marsico

Guest: Neil Stanley, CEO and Founder of The Core Point

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Topic: What should be in your deposit strategy?

Our guest is Neil Stanley, CEO and Founder of The Core Point

What should be in your deposit strategy? Neil Stanley, CEO and Founder of The Core Point
is our guest on July’s This Month in Banking podcast. In a recent Linked In post, Mr. Stanley stated, “The simplistic deposit strategies that rely on ad hoc exception pricing, continuous CD specials, and “New Money Only” promotions are destined to prove ineffective. Financial executives need to be able to deliver dynamic pricing in a series of offers just like they do with commercial lending. The battle for deposits is going to intensify as we are clearly past the trivial interest rate environment. This is the time to upgrade your deposit strategy.” In this episode, Mr. Stanley discusses strategies banks can use to maintain and attract deposits without exploding the cost of funds. Listen and enjoy!


Neil Stanley
CEO and Founder of The Core Point
Email address: neil@thecorepoint.com

Neil founded The CorePoint in 2010 with a mission of revitalizing pricing strategies for retail deposits. With 30-years as a bank executive with three high-performance family-owned banking groups, Neil has held a spectrum of roles including Holding Company Vice President, Chief Liquidity and Investment Officer, Chief Credit Officer, President of Community Banking, and Bank CEO.

Neil has been featured in American Banker, The Financial Brand, BAI, and many other leading trade publications. Find his perspective on deposits, CDs, asset-liability management, and the economy on his YouTube Channel. Follow him on LinkedIn where he often publishes his insights about banking.

What you didn’t know about Neil: He is always up for a pickleball match.

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