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Commercial Real Estate or Business Lending: Which Is Better?

Me: Commercial Real Estate loans are the most profitable product in a community bank’s arsenal and have been through various interest rate environments. Bank Senior Lender: Not when you consider […]

TMIB Lite: Welcome Megan Rutledge to The Kafafian Group and Insights into Megan’s Large Regional Bank Lending Experience

Podcast Show Notes: Our This Month In Banking (TMIB) podcast features discussion with colleagues and other industry thought leaders on interesting banking topics. TMIB is available on the last Wednesday […]

Bank Lending: Shifting Emphasis from CRE to C&I

October 11, 2017 | Jeff For Banks

Although bank commercial real estate (CRE) lending has been more profitable than commercial and industrial (C&I or Business Loans), both now AND immediately after the financial crisis, regulatory CRE guidelines […]