How Promoting Financial Literacy Can Help Financial Institutions Perform Better

By: Sharon J. Lorman
Jeffrey P. Marsico
Benjamin T. Crowley

Guests: Arindam Nag, CEO & Co-Founder, CentSai and Christina Sandy, Head of Business Development, CentSai

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Topic: How Promoting Financial Literacy Can Help Financial Institutions Perform Better

Our guests are Arindam Nag, CEO & Co-Founder, CentSai and Christina Sandy, Head of Business Development, CentSai.

Tune in to our latest podcast episode, “How Promoting Financial Literacy Can Help Financial Institutions Perform Better.” April is Financial Literacy Month, and we’re joined by special guests, the CEO and Co-Founder and Head of Business Development of CentSai, a company dedicated to crafting educational content for financial literacy. Throughout our conversation, we’ll explore the relationship between financial institutions and financial literacy, shedding light on how banks can not only empower individuals with crucial financial knowledge but also leverage this initiative to drive profitability. Listen and enjoy!


Arindam Nag
CEO & Co-Founder
Centsai – About Us

Arindam Nag, CEO and co-founder of CentSai, has over 25 years in financial journalism, education, and consulting. He founded CentSai to bridge the financial literacy gap. In his illustrious career, Arindam has been a foreign correspondent for Reuters in India and went on to work in various senior reporting roles in London and New York. He also penned the “Heard on the Street” column for the Wall St Journal, wrote for Barron’s and Dow Jones Newswires, and held a deputy managing editor role at Dow Jones. Before leading CentSai, he oversaw content for Greenwich Associates. A visionary, Arindam and his diverse team are revolutionizing financial education access.

Under his leadership, CentSai has empowered countless individuals to grasp finances, enabling institutions to foster financial wellness. A staunch advocate for inclusive financial education, Arindam leads a diverse team, revolutionizing the way people approach financial literacy.

Arindam has an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

Christina Sandy
Head of Business Development
CentSai – Contract

Christina Sandy, Head of Business Development at CentSai, has extensive experience on Wall Street in various sales and relationship leadership roles with Fidelity Investments, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America. Ms. Sandy pivoted into FinTech post 2008 and more recently business ownership with her son in a concrete repair business they created and ran through last year. With family, Ms. Sandy has spent many years fundraising for suicide prevention and mental health awareness support services and came to the subject of financial literacy knowing the important impact it has on mental health and financial wellbeing.

Ms. Sandy is a graduate of Moravian University in Bethlehem, PA.

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