Bank Deals: How Are They Working Out for You?

March 16, 2015 | Jeff For Banks

Bank mergers are picking up steam. Technological change, regulation, and scale are cited most often by sellers. Take a premium now, rather than drift slowly into the abyss of irrelevance. […]

Say It Ain’t So Doug! Square 1 Bank Sells to PacWest

March 7, 2015 | Jeff For Banks

In the name of head scratchers, Square 1 Financial of Durham, NC, one of the most successful startup banks in a generation, is turning over the keys to PacWest, a […]

Ever test the theory that acquiring banks is good? I did.

November 10, 2014 | Jeff For Banks

Every strategic planning retreat has its own flavor. This one particular retreat included a parade of investment bankers conveying the virtues of deal making while the audience of senior bank […]

Why Banks Merge: Listen to the Sellers

April 25, 2014 | Jeff For Banks

September 2004, driving from a meeting in New York, on the grossly miss-titled Cross Bronx Expressway, Nathan Stovall, a reporter from SNL Financial gave me a call. The question: What […]

Bankers: Here’s What I Do

Content marketing gurus tell us not to put sales pitches in your content. But I would like readers to know what I do in case they want greater context to […]

Bank M&A: The Concept of Relative Valuation

November 11, 2013 | Jeff For Banks

It depends. How often do advisers such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, and yes, investment bankers say that? Asking if an offer to buy your bank is a good one depends […]

I-Banker Will Work For Food

February 2, 2010 | Jeff For Banks

Bank Director Magazine had its annual “Acquire or Be Acquired” conference last week. Surprisingly, an investment banker from a regional investment banking firm opined that a flood of capital was […]