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Employee Retention: Keep the Keepers

You have a highly valued employee, and they quit. Why? The boss? The culture? The pay? I’m sure if I searched for credible sources, I would get some version of […]

IMO: How To Make Telecommuting Work in Banks

Schlepping to the office five days a week is enough to make employees, or would be employees, reconsider working for you. This is particularly true in urban areas, where 20 […]

Bankers: Here’s What I Do

Content marketing gurus tell us not to put sales pitches in your content. But I would like readers to know what I do in case they want greater context to […]

Banking’s Curious Lack of Profits in Fee-based Businesses

October 5, 2012 | Jeff For Banks

Remember the good old days when bankers talked big about their fee income prowess? And bank stock analysts issued glowing reports about revenue diversification, and the banks that get β€œit”. […]