How Baseball Can Help Bankers Improve Performance

By: Sharon J. Lorman
Benjamin T. Crowley
Jeffrey P. Marsico

Guest: Benjamin T. Crowley, Senior Vice President, The Kafafian Group

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Topic: How Baseball Can Help Bankers Improve Performance
Insights from Benjamin T. Crowley, Senior Vice President, The Kafafian Group

How can you unleash data’s potential value? What’s the dream? Organization-wide data management challenges are immense and having a plan to understand and leverage your institution’s data is critical to your ability to compete. True mastery of your data ecosystem and creative decision making with insights gleaned from your data will enable you to control your own destiny. On this podcast episode, meet Ben Crowley, TKG’s newest employee. Ben played four years of professional baseball before earning an MBA and starting his banking career. Ben shares his unique insights on how baseball can help bankers improve performance! Listen and enjoy!

Benjamin T. Crowley

Senior Vice President
The Kafafian Group, Inc.

Ben Crowley joined The Kafafian Group in February 2022 to continue his passion for serving and strengthening community banks with a focus on process improvement and profitability.
In his time on the senior leadership team of Monument Bank, in Doylestown, PA, Ben brought a strategic consulting method to the Bank with a focus on driving top line growth through delivering organic growth strategies as well as creating value “inside the margin” through streamlined processes and operational efficiencies.

At Monument Bank, Ben was responsible for the growth and management of commercial, public sector and retail deposits, executing customer-facing IT projects and operated as the Bank’s BSA Officer. He was a key member of bank leadership during the acquisition and integration of Monument by C&N Bank. Post integration, Ben helped build C&N’s treasury management department in the bank’s southeast region and assisted in the acquisition and integration of Covenant Bank by C&N.

Prior to his time in banking, Ben worked in wealth management with Morgan Stanley and as a strategic consultant in the pharmaceutical and non-profit sectors. Most recently, Ben has been working as a strategic and management consultant for mid-market companies in the software, healthcare and manufacturing sectors.

Ben completed his undergraduate degree at The Catholic University of America and played four years of professional baseball before returning to school and earning an MBA in Finance from American University in Washington, DC. He is also a graduate of the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking, PA Bankers School of Banking, PA Bankers School of Commercial Lending and is an Accredited Banking Professional from the Emmerich Financial Group.

Ben grew up in Philadelphia and now enjoys spending his free time with his wife and five young children where they reside in Doylestown, PA.

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