Are Diversity Requirements Really Necessary?

By: Sharon J. Lorman
Jeffrey P. Marsico
Jill A. Pursell
Matthew P. Prosseda

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Topic: Are Diversity Requirements Really Necessary?
Insights from TKG’s Jeff Marsico, EVP, and Jill Pursell and Matt Prosseda, Managing Directors

Diversity in banking is a hot topic. Many financial institutions have a heightened interest and focus on the degree of diversity in their boardrooms, executive management teams, and in their overall workforce. Jill Pursell recently wrote a newsletter on the effectiveness of mandatory diversity requirements including pending legislation compelling gender diversity. Do you think business performance improves for companies with a diverse board of directors as compared to those that are not as diverse? Our panelists discuss their thoughts and give concrete suggestions on how to create better boards without the need for quotas. Listen and enjoy!

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