How to Win Business From Big Banks With Sophisticated Lending Tools

By: Sharon J. Lorman
Jeffrey P. Marsico
Richard B. Trauger, Jr.

Guests: Matthew Tevis, Managing Director, Head of Sales at Chatham Financial and Zohar Goshen, CEO and Founder of Metechi, a Bank-Centered Participation and Syndication Marketplace

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Topic: How to Win Business From Big Banks With Sophisticated Lending Tools

The last few weeks have catapulted community banks into the limelight and created unique opportunities to pick up new commercial relationships. Many community banks put forth great effort to accommodate PPP borrowers, opening the door to win relationships from larger institutions which may have been less responsive to their smaller clients. However, community banks must be able to serve potential small and medium-sized businesses which may require more sophisticated products such as interest rate hedging or larger loans. Matt Tevis from Chatham Financial, explains interest rate hedging and how it benefits the bank and the borrower and can protect against interest rate volatility. Zohar Goshen from Metechi, discusses how his firm enables smaller institutions to participate in the CRE, C&I and NPL participation and syndication market and serve larger borrowers.

Interest rate hedging segment begins at 5:05
Metechi segment begins at 23:45

Matthew Tevis Biography
Chatham Financial
Managing Director, Head of Sales
(484) 732-2788

Matthew Tevis is a Managing Director and leads the Sales team for Chatham’s financial institutions business. He advises clients on a variety of interest rate risk management topics with a focus on hedging solutions. Prior to joining Chatham, Matt worked for over 25 years in capital markets and corporate and institutional banking. He built the derivative sales teams for both the financial institutions and municipal businesses at PNC Capital Markets. He also held leadership positions in financial institutions banking at PNC. Matt graduated with magna cum laude honors from Miami University and has a BS in Finance.

Zohar Goshen Biography
CEO and Founder

Zohar Goshen is the Alfred W. Bressler Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. He teaches courses on Corporate Law, Advanced Corporate Law, Corporate Governance, and Corporate Finance. In 2006 Professor Goshen won The Willis Resse Teaching Prize. His research focuses on corporate law and governance, securities regulation, and corporate finance.

From 2008 through 2011, Professor Goshen was the Chairman of the Israel Securities Authority (Israel’s SEC). In this role, and in parallel to navigating the global financial crisis, he implemented major corporate governance reforms in the Israeli Corporate Law, established a specialized court for corporate law and securities regulations, and added administrative authority to the agency. He has also served as Chairperson of the Disciplinary Court of Securities Advisers and Portfolio Managers (1997 – 2000), Chairperson for the Israeli Securities Authority’s Corporate Governance Code Committee (2005-2006), Chairperson for the Israeli Ministry of Trade’s Committee for Reevaluating the Israeli Antitrust Law (2005-2006), and a member of Israel’s Democracy Institute. He received a Fulbright Fellowship (1989), Rothschild Fellowship (1989), and Olin Foundation Fellowship, Center for Law, Economics and Public Policy at Yale Law School (1990).

Education: LL.B., Hebrew University (1987); LL.M., Yale University (1990); S.J.D., Yale University (1991).

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